Ron Wyman, founder of ZeroGravity Films, creates documentaries about politics, world culture and the arts. For the past several years he has been working extensively in Africa. Having spent over three decades as a film maker, he has worked as a DP on feature films, is an award winning DP/Producer of documentaries and was a freelancer for the CNN political division for 16 years. He has also worked freelance for Michael Moore's "The Awful Truth", "Candid Camera" and "Politically Incorrect" with Bill Maher. His recent feature documentary titled "Agadez, the Music and the Rebellion" travels with Tuareg nomads of the Sahara Desert and profiles the extraordinary Tuareg guitarist, Bombino. While shooting the film, he also produced Bombino's acclaimed CD, "Agadez".  Bombino has gone on to be a world music star, extensively touring all around the world.  His second CD, "Nomad" was produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and was released on Nonesuch Records in 2013, cementing his roll as the legendary artist from Niger.

Other recent documentary projects include "TUNDE" about Tunde Jegede, a master Kora and cello player who composes and performs a seamless fusion of African and classical music; "Home Sweet Home" about squatters and homless people five years after Hurrican Katrina in New Orleans (co produced with Pulitzer Prize winning author Dale Maharidge); and "Murals of Belfast" about the power of art in the troubles of Northern Ireland.

"His unique ability to interact and collaborate with the cultures in which he is working enables him to capture natural, intimate portrayals of life as it unfolds moment to moment. His films are filled with the rhythms, sounds, images and movement that are a testimony to the connection of the people with their cultures and environment."  


Ron Wyman
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