Finding Someplace Like America

"Finding Someplace Like America" is a documentary film that follows three-time Pulitzer Prize-winners, journalist Dale Maharidge and photojournalist Michael Williamson as they research a follow up to their book "Journey To Nowhere" which was published in 1996 with an introduction by Bruce Springsteen. It was this book that inspired Springsteen to write two songs for his "The Ghost of Tom Joad" album, including the hit "Youngstown." The new book titled "Someplace Like America" and the documentary examine the national issue of the homeless and disenfranchised due to the collapse of industry and unemployment.

A major feature film, "Someplace Like America", is also in development by Either/Or Films which recently produced the award winning movie "The Sensation of Sight" with David Strathairn and Ann Cusack. The documentary will connect real people from the book to the characters in the movie.